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PANORAMA was born in 2016 as an edition published by DIORAMA editions. It is an anthology formed by sixty studio visits with artists based in Milan, which describes some of the people who actively take part to its most recent cultural set and suggest the network they trace, returning a holistic vision. It is a limited but heterogeneous selection, the result of extensive research, outlined as a reflection that at this moment represents the situation in Milan, in order to determine the most recent cultural scenario. The project is proposed as divulgative document: a portion of the horizon that the authors propose as organic testimony, grown in reaction to a common feeling developed over the last few years. PANORAMA is one of the reflections of the contemporary Milan dimension, one of the many glimpses of this reality. Structured in short conversations that presents its creators and contextualize them in the local dimension; documented by smartphones that tell their developments directly and informally, coherent to the everyday life in which this scenario exists and breathes.

In 2018 this editorial mapping evolved into a digital archive, incorporating the sixty interviews from the book with unpublished contents, with the aim of keeping it constantly updated.