Diorama Editions / independent, bilingual, monothematic, online and offline since 2011.

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“By turning the direction and intensity of the light, a variety of stage effects is produced: the Diorama, compartment within which, through a window, the viewer can discover new worlds and observe them from kaleidoscopic perspectives.”

DIORAMA editions is an independent editorial project founded in 2011 by Zoë De Luca, Virginia Devoto, Jelena Miskin, Lorenza Novelli and Eleonora Salvi, supported by Mirko Rizzi and Marsèll. In the last eight years DIORAMA editions has published Diorama Magazine as well as limited editions, has curated exhibitions and events, organized lectures and wokshops and showcased its works in international fairs and bookshops. In 2018 DIORAMA editions launched its first digital project, panoramamilano.com: published at first as a printed anthology, PANORAMA Milano is now a growing online archive of studio visits with Milano based artists.