Diorama Editions / independent, bilingual, monothematic, online and offline since 2011.

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By turning the direction and intensity of the light, a variety of stage effects is produced: the Diorama, compartment within which, through a window, the viewer can discover new worlds and observe them from kaleidoscopic perspectives.

Since 2011, Diorama Editions recreates the nineteenth-century mechanism in an independent, online and offline editorial product. Founded by Zoe De Luca, Virginia Devoto, Lorenza Novelli and Eleonora Salvi, the project's aims to promote contemporary creativity, share studies and suggest further developments, oscillating between the myth and the unusual; an eye dedicated in recording the potential of the survey.

Since 2016, Diorama is a non-profit cultural association composed by Zoe De Luca, Jelena Miskin, Lorenza Novelli and Mirko Rizzi, dedicated to the publication of limited editions, workshops, events and exhibitions.